Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The (Tim) Blair Watch Project, Volume II

Tim's latest post takes Time journalist, Mary Corliss, to task for criticising US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumself when he said: 'I'm a survivor.' He was speaking to an audience of US personnel in Iraq.

Corliss' idiotic point was that the only things you could 'survive' were the Holocaust and cancer. Her argument only works if she's allowed to re-engineer the English language on the fly. So score 1 point to Tim for spotting journalistic stupidity.

But take 5 or 10 off for being immune to the astonishing chutzpah of a harried bureaucrat, Rumsfeld, telling a bunch of soldiers, marines and civilians-in-harm's-way that he's a survivor.

These guys have survived bullets, grenades, mines and car-bombs. What has Rumsfeld survived of late? Well, I understand he dodged a sharply-worded newspaper editorial that very morning!

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