Saturday, July 24, 2004

Great Moments in Hygiene

60 BC – An Essene breakaway sect is driven from the walls of Jerusalem after the sect’s leader declared that ‘although pigs are indeed unclean animals, an exception should never-the-less be made for bacon sandwiches’.

8 April 1229 -- Emperor Frederick II’s attempt to wrest the Crusader castle of Pelerin in Northern Palestine from the Templar force which held it, ended prematurely after two-thirds of his officer corps expired after eating three-day old oysters.

6 December 1894 – On this day, Francois de Beziers of Paris is reputed to have invented ‘french-kissing’ together with his mistress, Karine Bineautruy, a woman he shared with painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and from whom she contracted syphilis. De Beziers invented tooth-paste six days later.

 20 June, 1944 – A plan by officers of the German General Staff to kill Hitler by feeding him improperly cooked chicken failed when Hitler refused to eat the polla alla cardinale (chicken sauteed with prosciutto, wild mushrooms, marsala wine and finished with smoked mozzarella), labelling it ‘decadent wop food’.

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