Thursday, July 22, 2004


Is a word I recently rediscovered while rereading one of my favourite novels.
Hypnerotomachia translates (insofar as any semi-made-up Latin word from the Renaissance can be translated) as ‘the stuggle of love in a dream’. Once you know this word, you wonder how you ever did without it.
I find it crops up in conversation 6 or 7 times a day. How ya doin? Oh, you know, hypnerotomachian...
But deny me this if you will, isn’t ‘the stuggle of love in a dream’ a concept that was crying out for a word to contain it? (The word apparently comes from this book Hypnerotomachia Poliphilii, Poliphilo being the dude doin’ the strugglin’ and the lovin’ and the dreamin’. They translate it as the ‘strife of love in a dream’ but I like 'struggle' more….
And speaking of dreams... I had a dream yesterday morning in which I wrote an absolute kick-ass blog-post that was funny and poignant but also brief and to the point. I woke up with a shit-eating grin, knowing that the world of blogdom would soon tremble before the terrible splendor of this post.
But then the more awake part of my brain, the part that handles balancing cheques books and loading software said to the greater lumpen mass of my brain that was still swimming is a sea of sleep and triumph: 'well, alright, let's see this oh-so fantastic blog post.' To which lumpen brain replied: 'it's right here, smarty-brain-pants.'
'Ah, dude, the writing is blurred. It's four lines of completely illegible text. It's just a rough outline of the idea of the greatest blog-post in the world. Mate, you were dreaming.'
Lumpen: nooooo!
You can bet that that post was fantastic. You can bet it was better than anything that has appeared on this blog, better than just about anything that has appeared on any other blog. Bloggers from all over the world would have linked to it approvingly and new blogs would have sprung up overnight in its honour.
You can bet it was a lot better than this piece of crap.
But you and I will never read it. Except perhaps in our dreams.
Ah, the struggle of blogging in a dream. Now why isn't there a word for that?

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