Monday, July 05, 2004

The kiss-off of the Spider-Woman

Warning: desperately unfunny post

There was no spider-woman (that was pure titular cuteness on my part) but there was a kiss-off. On Friday I discovered that I had been unsuccessful in applying for a job that, once upon a time, I was very well qualified for. Trouble is, the entire recruitment process took about 18 months.

It’s a tale of woe that will one day make a dull and depressing motion picture that will ultinately screen on SBS at 1am, in Slovenian.

I had applied for a promotion in the area I used to work. Not at all sure I wanted to go back to that area and to that subject-matter, I applied because I was invited to and, well, because a promotion is a promotion.

The chair of the selection panel (and the person who invited me to apply) was a former friend of mine. From then on it was a ride on the back of a greased pig to the lowest plane of hell. Long delay, yadda yadda, interview, long, long delay, no referee’s report from former friend, futher delay, yadda, yadda, recruitment process falls over, new process starts, further delay, former friend disappears, reappears at second interview etc etc.

At the same time, this former friend started to pike, at the last minute, from every social engagement we arranged. My wife warned me that my former friend was gearing up to fuck me over. I scoffed at this. And now I scoff at my earlier naïve self.

(I actually edited this after I wrote it the first time, taking out all the long and gratuitious details about every twist of the knife, every tiny development in a now dead recruitment process. Because, at the end of the day, even I don’t care enough to read all that.)

When the second interview finished, I still had to wait four months (until last Friday) before the official result but by this time, I knew the jig was up. The two people who got the promotions, who had been my junior at my former workplace, had now been acting in the advertised positions for more than 18 months. There’s no way an ‘outsider’ can compete with that.

I actually felt better for getting the news from the new chair of the recruitment panel. I was always ambiguous about the job; it was really a matter of principle. Getting the bad news means I can move on from this and think about where my career is heading. (An exercise in futility which engages me on a daily basis) But damn, it still hurt to be treated like that, and to be leap-frogged for a promotion in that way.

And I feel even better having got this off my chest. Your regularly scheduled crustaceans will attack again tomorrow…

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