Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another symptom of society's moral decay

The newspapers have been full of the story of the kidnapping of baby Montana Barbaro (and the matter is altogether too serious to take even a moment to make fun of that name).

It turns out the kidnappers were a couple in their 40s who have six children aged between 6 and 21 and who wanted to raise Montana as their seventh. Clearly they must enjoy parenting. I know I do but I only have one, the Dude, who is a singularly attractive and winsome child. And I'm not just saying that because, you know...

But for people who must, on some level, really like children, they turned out to be a pair of absolute shitheels. They abandoned a three-week old infant in a junkie's shack open to the elements without so much as an anonymous call to 000.

Whatever happened to the moral code of the kidnapper? Sure, there's no honour among thieves but I thought child-abductors were a higher calibre of criminal. Let me make this clear: when you nab a kid, you solemnly undertake to look after that child properly until the police kick your front door down and pistol whip you into bleeding submission.

In my day, kidnappers knew what was expected of them. I blame Hollywood, video games and the anti-war movement.

(All flippancy aside: what a fucking horrific thing to go through. My sympathies, for what they're worth, to the Barbaro family. When the crime was first anounnced in the press, I thought that I could never have any sympathy for the perpetrators (hanging's too good, etc). But having heard the barest of details about the offenders, I find some room in my tiny black heart for their plight. They must be motivated out of some extremely misguided form of familial love, a love that will now cost them their other six children. Sad, sad. But they should still go to jail for a long time....)

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