Friday, August 06, 2004

That's one 'L' and two 'P's, dude

I finally updated my list of blogs yesterday, making a couple of changes but primarily it was to move reckless writer to ‘World blogs’ from ‘Canberra blogs’ because, er, she lives, and apparently has always lived in, the Philippines, and not, er, Canberra. Could happen to anyone, right?

I was going to cap this piece of information off with a witty little bon mot about the Philippines; perhaps some kind of MacArthur connection but I don’t know if the Big Guy ever made it down here from Brisbane. And then I was going to make some joke about Islamic insurgents shooting up Namadgi National Park. At that point, it occurred to me how little I know about the Philippines (and that my jokes frequently suck).

Actually, in one dud job I had about 8 years ago, it was my task to to generate maps of various Asian nations for a telecommunications report by using an electronic scanning pen to trace over existing maps and then colouring them in and adding place names. (Ah, plagiarism, my old friend, where are you now?). I became intimately acquainted with every freakin’ tiny island in that most islandy of nations, the Philippines. Except for the ones I couldn’t be bothered drawing because they were too small.

Later, when strolling through a crappy antique store in the old brickworks, I came upon a woman staring in bemusement at a black guitar on the wall with the words ‘welcome to Cebu City’ painted on it. She asked her husband where he thought Cebu City might be. He didn’t know. Unsolicited, lurking nearby, I was able to pipe up: ‘the Philippines’.

‘Oh,’ she said.

I guess I know more about the Philippines than I give myself credit for. Boy, is blogging a voyage of self-discovery or what?

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