Saturday, October 23, 2004

One for the Gipper

I actually wrote this little piece of US election whimsy in a comment on Tim Dunlop's Road to Surfdom site as part of my on-going obsession with the US presidential election. And then I thought such a thing of quality deserves its own post! (Thereby freeing me from the tyranny of originality this evening. Did I mention I got home last night at 1:30 am drunk as drunk person after drinking too much, only to have to get up at 5:30 am to look after the Dude and his tonsillitis...)

In other news... U.S Conservatives objected to the way that Edwards visibly blanched as Vice-President Cheney ate his own off-spring on stage before a television audience of 20 million Americans.

'Edwards' inability to hide his disgust whenever Cheney opened his mouth was very much reminiscent of Gore's sighing and eye-rolling from 2000' said Chuck Storer, a retired bank manager from Branson, Missouri.

And Rudiger P. Stoat, an unemployed billionaire from Akron, Ohio, questioned the commitment of liberals to racial and cultural diversity: 'If you're black, yellow, red or brown, the Democrats can't sign you up fast enough but if you happen to draw nutrition from your own young then suddenly the much-vaunted tolerance disappears. What I want to know is: who will stand up for the Predator-American community?'

'You know what their problem is?' said Stephen D'Eth of Houston. 'Pussy democrats are all vegetarians. They can't take it when a red-blooded American chows down on a little red meat.'

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