Saturday, November 27, 2004

Nick is winner, loved

‘Nick is winner, loved, generous wise’ is how my novelty personalised socks – the pride of the South-East Asian garment manufacturing industry – describe me. Oftentimes this boast from my feet is an idle one.

But tonight it just happens to be true. I am winner, loved. For I have completed by nanowrimo novel two days ahead of schedule (why I rushed to complete it early is a hoary tale for another blogpost.) Suffice to say, I’m great.

That’s right, I have pumped out a 50,000 word novel in the last 28 days. (Actually it’s 50,079 words. And funnily enough I have more or less tied off all plot threads in the novel and have come to a reasonably satisfying conclusion – which is either evidence of the brutal Soviet-style efficiency of my writing or padding in the extreme.)

For those who want to congratulate me, I say: go right ahead.

For those who want to ask me: what it’s about, this novel of yours, I say: aw jeez, I hate that question.

For those who want to ask me: can I read it, I say: aw jeez, I guess so. The proprietor however accepts no liability for losses or damage incurred.

And finally, for those who want to ask me: is it any good, I say: see the answer to the third question. Then you’ll probably know more than I do.

Your regular crustacean blogging will shortly be resumed.

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