Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Pigeons, Pendulums and Sunbeds (Bush is returned)

Two words: speech & less.

I have to say, I didn't see that coming. I was convinced that Kerry would win and those freaking exit polls -- playthings of the devil -- seemed to confirm it.

It's possible that Kerry might still finesse his way through Ohio and across the line but it doesn't look good.

Back in the bad old days when a Kerry victory was not inevitable (and way before those bad old days returned on November 2), I was thinking that a Bush re-election might not be such a bad thing: that Bush's pigeons, warped, stinking things that can't fly straight, would come home to roost for him and result in the destruction of the Bush/Rove/Delay wing of the Republican Party (and that electing Kerry might just have brought those same stinking pigeons winging their way to him in the same way Kennedy's Vietnam pigeons shat on Johnson).

But, jeez, how much self-destruction can one blogger foresee? Barely have I come from predicting that the Coalition in Australia will destroy itself now that it faces no native predators, when I find myself having nought to take comfort in but Bush's theoretical groundward trajectory.

All self-destruction all the time, here at Crustaceans...

But I do believe in this, I think. Everything comes in cycles. Pendulums swing and then they swing back. Conservatism is enjoying its moment in the sun while liberal types cower in the shadows, dreaming of sunbeds and sangria. But it won't stay that way forever. And the pendulum does not begin swinging back until it has reached the furtherest point of its swing.

Enjoy your poolside sunbed, President Bush, because even now a pigeon of your own making is headed your way with a pendulum in its beak. Or something.

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