Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The crustacean is dead. Long live the crustacean!

To live is to change, to stop to die. The natural world rises and falls in cycles. Just as the hermit crab must move to a larger shell when he gets a fat arse so too must I move to, er, a different blog host.

I’ve accepted the kind offer of Mark at donotuselifts to be hosted on his blog-host-server-thingy and be schooled in the arcane ways of non-blogspot blogging. Mark has already been voted Canberra ex-teenager of the year and is a veritable Black Mountain Tower of Canberra bloggers. (He also won the ‘fresh face of the retail industry’ award – liquor & tobacco division, 2002, 2003 and 2004. He’s a champ.)

The new URL will be crustaceans.donotuselifts.net but this blogspot site will be maintained for some time in the delicate transition phase. What can you expect? Plenty more of the same sporadic half-baked musings and anecdotes that go nowhere, that’s what!

Alas, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs (unless you happen to like omelettes with a high ‘crunch-factor’). While I can salvage my old posts, I can’t import comments from ordinary people like YOU who make it all worthwhile. But they’ll still be around on blogspot.

But I’d appreciate it if those of you who link to me could update their links in due course. Those of you who don’t link to me (New York Times, the Economist, I’m looking at you) well then maybe you should get with the program…

Hope to see you at the new digs…

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